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Get Into The Doggie Daycare Business

When you are worried about your pet being okay when you are out of town, you may not be sure what to do. Perhaps you do not have anyone they can stay with. That is when you will be looking at the prices of doggie daycare. When you see those prices, you may be thinking that this is a lucrative business.

In terms of dog daycare startup costs, they are not that bad. The dog walker you hire may be able to care for more than one dog at a time, and the dog sitter may also have a dog of their own to take with them. That is often why dog daycare startup costs are low enough, yet this industry keeps growing every year. It certainly has the potential to make quite the profit, but do you want to get into this booming business?

How To Start Your Own Dog Daycare Business?

The very first thing you will need is space. This can be in your home or it can just be an outdoor area that is fenced up well enough for dogs so that they are unable to escape. You will then also need dog supplies like dog beds and bowls. That is what you are going to have to do if you want to make this work.

The dog walker or dog sitter that you hire may be able to discourage the dog from chewing on certain dog supplies, but you will still need quite a few dog beds and bowls just in case. You want your customers to see how responsible and well-prepared you are when it comes to dog daycare services.

dog daycare startup costs

In addition to dog beds, there are also dog toys that they can leave with their dogs while they are away at work for the whole day, as well. In order for the dogs not to get bored, look into getting some treat dispensing toys.