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Best Places To Install Security Cameras

To protect your home, family, or asset, you must have a suitable surveillance system to monitor your valuables.

Security and surveillance systems do more than just record what’s going on. They also work to deter theft from employees, provide evidence for police officers in the event of a break-in, and identify weak points in a building’s security.

Furthermore, a surveillance system can clear up confusion about any damage that occurs while you are away from your home or business. If you own property but aren’t sure where to put cameras, consider the following advice on the best places to install security cameras.


Cameras on the interior of your home can protect your family and assets in a variety of ways. For example, a camera can monitor workers or contractors completing jobs in your home, in addition to nannies and maids who work with your children.

Consider installing cameras in common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and basement. Additionally, security camera installations in Houston, TX are often done in hallways or staircases to monitor people wandering around the house.


Placing security cameras around the exterior of your home can allow you to see trouble before it’s too late. This will enable you to contact the necessary authorities to report any suspicious activity you notice outside your property. Exterior security cameras should be placed on or near the:

·    Front Door

·    Garage & Driveway

security camera installations in Houston, TX

·    Back & Side Doors

·    Porches & Patios


Many reputable companies provide security camera installation and maintenance. It’s recommended to hire them to perform your installation to ensure your security system functions at peak performance.

While you can purchase security cameras from retail stores, any attempt to DIY an installation may result in damage to your security system or your property.